Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Cabin Cleaning

Cabin Cleaning Check list

Adult supervising this group                                           Cabin                  


Stand up mattresses and clean bunks

Sweep bunks and remove all rubbish, papers etc

Sweep floor

Remove soil marks, graffiti etc from walls, ceilings etc

Wipe window ledge and bottom bunk rails

Empty rubbish bins into large Wheelie bin                     .  Replace plastic bag in small sanitary bin.

Clean basin, shower and toilet

Spray and wipe over wet-wall area’s

Sweep all area’s

Mop wet areas/entrance (and cabin if required)

Close windows

Sweep up outside cabin

Two toilet rolls per toilet

Check for clothes etc, cupboards, bunks floor etc

Turn off Lights

Responsible person to check all area’s

Please do a thorough check on all area’s as outlined, packing up and getting ready to leave is a busy time and the bigger the group the more difficult this process seems to be, delegate responsibilities to other responsible members of your group to get the bulk of the work done then check to ensure it has been done.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get everything right, we are not expecting everything to be perfect.  We will be doing a follow up and getting ready for the next group that are coming to stay, if we end up having to clean up after your group then we will have to charge you for the cleaning, this is not what either of us want so please make sure the place is left tidy and clean.

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