Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Final Day Clean Up

FINAL DAY CLEAN UP:                                                                    


CABINS I TOILET I SHOWER:                

Please check and tick when completed












·     Stand up mattresses and clean bunks
·     Wipe window ledge and bottom bunk rails
·      Sweep floor
·     Remove soil marks, graffiti etc from walls, ceilings etc
·     Sweep bunks and remove all rubbish, papers etc
·     Empty rubbish bins into large Wheelie bin      
·     Clean basin, shower and toilet
·     Spray and wipe over wet-wall area’s
·     Sweep all area’s
·     Mop ensuite floor (and cabin if required)
·     Close windows
·     Turn off Lights

·      Sweep floor
·     Clean windows
·     Wipe window ledge
·      Mop floor
·     Stack tables and chairs
·      Clean and wash blackboard
·      Empty all rubbish bins into Wheelie Bin
·      Sweep around entrance

·      Ensure all equipment etc is clean and dry and put away
·      Clean stoves and other appliances used
·      Clean sinks
·      Wipe all benches, work surfaces, window ledges windows
·     Empty and wipe fridge and turn off (Check with Camp staff)
·      Drain dishwasher and clean filters
·     Sweep floors
·     Ensure food scraps are left in sealed containers in lean-to
·     All rubbish to be placed in Wheelie bin
·     Mop floors  (please use Kitchen mop in kitchens)

·     Tidy and sweep floor
·     Return all borrowed equipment (Please check that it is all accounted for)
·     Remove any rubbish

·     Scout for rubbish and put in bins (please include area between cabins and lake)
·     Check that all equipment has been returned
·     Empty all rubbish bins into Wheelie Bin

·      Put canoes away (please make sure they are clean and free of water)
·      Hang up all life jackets in canoe shed (please ensure they are clean)
·     Put away paddles and oars in canoe shed
·      Chain and padlock dinghy’s
·     Lock canoe shed

Raft Making, Bivouac Making and other gear

Please make sure all gear and equipment is left tidy.  All ropes should be coiled up, tarpaulins folded, wood and containers stacked neatly.  Report any lost or broken gear to GPC staff. 

Please consider the next group to use the camp and leave things as you would like to find them.  Thank You.

Responsible person to check all area’s

Please do a thorough check on all area’s as outlined, packing up and getting ready to leave is a busy time and the bigger the group the more difficult this process seems to be, delegate responsibilities to other responsible members of your group to get the bulk of the work done then check to ensure it has been done.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get everything right, we are not expecting everything to be perfect.  We will be doing a follow up and getting ready for the next group that are coming to stay, if we end up having to clean up after your group then we will have to charge you for the cleaning, this is not what either of us want so please make sure the place is left as tidy and clean as when you arrived or how you would like to find it.


Ensure all equipment including kitchen, games room etc is returned.  Please notify of any breakages or lost equipment.  Lost and broken equipment will be charged for.  We are easy to talk to so if unsure please discuss with us to avoid any embarrassment.

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