Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Bason Gardens Quiz


  1. Who was Stanley Bason and what was his dream?
  2. Who lives in the Bason Botanic Gardens Homestead today?
  3. To whom is the Conservatory Complex dedicated and why?
  4. What stream does the weir dam?
  5. What are the scientific and common names of Stanley Bason's favourite flower?
  6. What are the average nightly temperatures in the: Begonia, Orchid and Tropical Houses?
  7. What is the difference between a park/reserve and a botanic garden?
  8. What type of plants are in the Millennium Hill garden?
  9. How many hectares are the Gardens?
  10. How are these Gardens different to other botanic gardens?
  11. How are the Gardens financed?
  12. Why are shelterbelts so important in these Gardens?
  13. Why is the way the camellias are set out at the Bason Botanic Gardens so helpful?
  14. Where did the conservatory bricks come from?
  15. When were the Bason Botanic Gardens started?

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