Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Air Rifles



 Must be supervised by a two persons instructed by a G.P.C.C. staff member.
 Supervised being such that the supervisors are within immediate reach and control of the person/s using the air rifle/s.
 Supervisor must instruct all of group before activity commences
 All persons under the age of 16 must be supervised. 16 and 17 year olds without a firearms license must be supervised.
 Supervisors must be either a licensed fire arms holder or a person over 18 years.
 The supervisor must carry a whistle which is to be blown when persons are in danger of being shot, or in any situation which could endanger others on the property.
 Air rifles must be locked when not in use, and pellets stored in a separate area.
 Return all air rifles and pellets immediately after use.
 Air rifles to be used on the rifle range only fire at targets on the range.
 No persons in front of those firing.
 Never fire the rifle empty.
 Check down barrel at each change of person to check for blockages.
 Treat air rifles as loaded. Do not point at people.
 Participants must be aware of the whistle signal and what it means.

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