Green Pastures

Green Pastures



 Area must be supervised by a minimum of two experienced adults who have been instructed by G.P.C.C. staff.
 Life jackets must be worn at all times.
 Ensure that life jackets fit properly for size and are securely fastened.
 No gumboots to be worn in the boats or on rafts.
 No standing in canoes or boats
 Any life jacket that is unsafe due to lack of buckles and/or clasps, or has become sodden or unsafe for any other reason must be removed from service immediately and handed in to G.P.C.C. Manager.
 No canoeing/boating/rafting after dark.
 If combined with the waterslide, swimming and rope bridge (not recommended) canoes/boats/rafts must stay clear of these areas.
 Boats must be turned upside down after use.
 Canoes, paddles and life jackets must be returned to and locked in the Canoe shed at the end of the day.
 Life jackets must be hung up on pegs in Canoe shed to dry.

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