Green Pastures

Green Pastures



 Must be supervised by a minimum of two knowledgeable adults who have received instruction from G.P.C.C. staff.
 Trial run to be done before general use to ensure there are no foreign objects under the mat, and that the run is smooth and the landing area safe.
 Check the water immediately under the slide for foreign objects.
 Keep landing area clear of spectators, swimmers, boats etc.
 Make sure the water is turned on before use.
 Make sure landing area is clear before each run.
 Assess participant’s ability to swim. If in doubt then a supervisor must be in the water to catch and guide the person to the bank.
 Keep watch for persons getting cold while waiting for another turn.
 No food or chewing gum to be consumed while using the slide.
 Spectators are not to cross the mat while it is in use.
 Water slide must not be used after dark.
 It is recommended that the slide not be used in strong winds.
 Waterslide must be rolled up and put at top of bank before your group leaves camp.

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