Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Mud Run


 One supervisor must accompany every 5 - 8 people using the mud run and be situated so that he/she can assist those 5 - 8 people.
 The supervisors must have received instruction from G.P.C.C. staff.
 The mud run is checked regularly but caution at all times for broken branches etc is a must.
 If blindfolds are being used extra caution and assistance may be required.
 For younger children it is recommended that they do the run sighted then use blindfolds if wanted.
 Old clothes, and shoes if they are worn, are highly recommended as they become very dirty and may be permanently stained.
 Follow the ropes that are on the mud run only. Do not take any other route as there may be hidden dangers.
 Participants must wash down in the lake before going up to camp and the showers. A stile by the Manager’s House is the access way to the lake. Please use this access rather than going over the playing field.
 Throwing mud during this activity is entirely at your own risk.
 Do not push and shove participants during the activity.
 The mud run is not to be used after dark in any circumstances.

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