Green Pastures

Green Pastures

Camp Duty Information


To ensure the smooth running of camp we would appreciate your help with the following duties while here at camp. We request that at least one adult accompany each group of children.   We advise that you have your duty groups scheduled prior to arriving at camp.


·      Put cutlery, bucket, scrap bowls and spatula on table by small servery
·      Half fill cutlery containers with hot water and a little dish wash
·      Instruct group to put scrap food into bowls provided, cutlery in containers and leftover drinks into bucket
·      Set up tables and tidy dining hall area.  (salt pepper, water jugs, cups etc if required)
·      After the meal, wipe tables and sweep floor. (each person is responsible to clear own dishes and spread trays etc)

BREAKFAST   (Adult to do this please)

·      Put trays of margarine and spreads out.
·      Serve cereal and fruit to each person ( please do not allow children to help themselves)
·      Cook toast, place on servery for children to collect.


KITCHEN DISHES:  (Adults to wash on this side)       (suggest 2, 3 people max)               

·          Report to kitchen after each meal.
·          Clear servery
·          Wash and dry pots and other kitchen utensils.
·          Wipe down benches and leave kitchen area tidy.
·          Sweep and Mop Floors (can be done after supper)
·          Last night of stay  Clean oven trays/Racks etc

CAMPERS DISHES / STERILIZER:                        (suggest 3 people in this area)

·          Ensure all food scraps are removed from plates etc and put in scrap containers
·          Wash dishes and cutlery etc.
·          Place dishes and cutlery in appropriate racks and put through steriliser.
·          When dry take dishes out of racks and stack tidily in cupboards.
·          Mop Floors (can be done after supper)
·          Wipe tables and put away


·          Each group is responsible to clean their toilet and shower as necessary.
·          Cabins should be cleaned and inspected daily
·          For cleaning equipment please ask a GPC staff member.
·          If toilet rolls need replenishing please ask a GPC staff member.
·          Please notify GPC staff of any breakage’s etc
·          Dirty footwear should not be worn in cabins

Thank you for your consideration in these duties.  We hope you have a great time at here.

·          Breakfast:           8.00am
·          Lunch:                 12.00pm
·          Dinner                 5.30pm

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